In the family of fanny packs, there are those that will allow you to carry a little more than the contents of your pockets, and will accompany you beyond everyday life: large XL fanny packs. On your hikes to carry a water bottle, to replace your handbag, or even as a changing fanny pack: the XL fanny packs will be an asset for keeping your hands free

Sofia, the XL fanny pack from Hindbag

 At Hindbag, it is Sofia who best fulfills this role in our fanny pack collection. Very practical with its exterior pocket which allows you to insert your phone, key or wallet, it also hides two pockets (interior and exterior) to better compartmentalize and protect your belongings. This large banana format will be useful for inserting a water bottle, a book or a camera for example. With our choice of colors, it will do the job in a women's fanny pack or men's fanny pack version.

The environmentally friendly XL fanny pack

Like all our products in the fanny pack collection, our XL fanny pack is produced in very thick organic cotton, in order to have the longest possible lifespan. The durable side of our large banana is important: we repair it and provide advice to avoid replacing it too quickly.

Its shoulder strap is also made of organic cotton: in addition to having a worked look, you can have peace of mind.

The ethical XL fanny pack

The Sofia shoulder strap is also made by our partner NGO SSMI. In the price of the banana, around 30% of the price is dedicated to the NGO for its social projects: emancipation of women and education of children. An ethical banana is also an affordable banana. We pay attention to the price of bananas, so that they remain accessible.

The practical XL fanny pack

The great strength of the large size fanny pack is its practical side: phone pocket, hidden pocket, large size: it allows many activities and ensures you have your hands free!

The XL unisex fanny pack

Like our entire collection of fanny packs, we pay attention to the unisex character. The XL banana is perhaps the most unisex: design, color, functionality. As a men's fanny pack or women's fanny pack , it comes in the version you want!

We offer fanny packs in different sizes and shapes

In the XL fanny pack family, you can also turn to our other model of large fanny pack : Sasha, which has a large size with two pockets. For children, we have developed the Augustin children's fanny pack , in the appropriate size. Our minimalist Harry model, the rectangular fanny pack is aimed at those who need the minimum. The quilted fanny pack for a winter version with an elegant patterned lining.
Finally, the classic and essential Olive, the perfect cotton fanny pack , will please as many people as possible.