An essential fashion accessory, the handbag reflects each person's personality: clutch or baguette version for fashionistas, bucket for fans of iconic items, tote bag for weekend addicts, fanny pack for backpackers and shoulder strap for those who want stay hands free. If some prefer them sober with dark tones, brown or white, for others, it's a great way to twist a look by playing with the firecracker color or the matchy matchy with the rest of the outfit.

You choose !

Hindbag handbags

At Hindbag, our handbags reflect our philosophy: trendy, timeless and robust bags that will last a lifetime. We have developed a wide range of fanny packs, bucket bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, baguette bags or clutch bags to match everyone's look.

Our handbags are ethically produced by underprivileged women in New Delhi. They are the ones who sew all our handbags. For this work, they are paid three times the average Indian salary and send their children to school for free. So that ethical purchasing does not always rhyme with high prices, we offer our bags at a price that is just affordable for as many people as possible.

The subject of our ecological footprint is also very important in the development of our handbags. All our products are GOTS and Oeko Tex certified, ensuring organic cotton and a production chain without GMOs or pesticides and processes that respect the human dignity of the artisans who work with us.

Our handbags are available in a wide color palette, from the most classic colors like black, brown and beige to the most daring colors like plum, sienna or pink. Timeless ones to accompany you for as long as possible.

Handbags committed to women empowerment

At the origin of Hindbag, there was a meeting with an Indian NGO in New Delhi which works exclusively with women from disadvantaged Punjabi neighborhoods. They are the ones who handcraft all our handbags and our entire range of bags and accessories.

They are trained throughout their lives in different, increasingly sophisticated techniques to support the development of our products, particularly our handbags. Whether they are baguette, fanny pack or shopping bag, with or without a flap, all our products pass through their golden hands. For this work, they are paid three times the local average salary and send their children to the NGO school for free. A real long-term partnership allowing us today to have more than 150 women who have joined the project and who earn a dignified living thanks to their know-how.

Handbags made for women, by women!

Eco-responsible handbags

All our handbags are made from 100% organic cotton with GOTS and Oeko Tex certification. What is special about these labels? They audit the entire production chain, from weaving the cotton to sewing, including dyeing.

Our commitment: partners with practices that respect the environment and people. Thus, we use exclusively organic cotton, which consumes less water and is grown without pesticides, GMOs or any other carcinogenic substances. In addition, all stages of production respect human dignity and do not implement processes that could harm the health of artisans.

Our handbags therefore have the lowest possible impact on the environment and are sustainable.

Colorful handbags

 At Hindbag, we are developing an anti-fast-fashion vision of fashion. For this, we offer great classic accessories (bags and others), available in a palette of timeless colors.

Some will prefer our sober and chic tones like the beige of our new jute fabric or our very soft sage blue, our deep olive green, our trendy terracotta, our great winter classic plum or our obviously timeless black.

For others, we offer more eye-catching bag colors like our electric blue, our girly pink or our orange sienna.

There are handbags for all tastes!

Handbags in different shapes for all styles

The term “handbag” corresponds to many different styles. At Hindbag we have decided to develop them all so that you can find the handbag that matches your look.

Louise: the handbag in the shape of a mini shopping bag

The Louise bag is a must-have in your wardrobe. Its robust handles and compact format make it the perfect companion for your daily life. To be worn across the body, on the shoulder or on the arm, its snap closure ensures real peace of mind on all your trips. This mini tote bag is lined with a hand-printed block fabric to give it that special look.

Louis: the round handbag practical and trendy for everyday use

What if you changed from the traditional square or rectangle bag to adopt our Louis? Its very particular round shape gives it a very trendy, unique and remarkable style! It can be carried on the shoulder or in the hand. Keep your belongings safe thanks to its zipper. Like all our women's handbags, it is made of high quality organic cotton ensuring it is robust and maintains its quality over time.

Julie: the iconic and elegant bucket bag

The bucket bag is an unbeatable fashion bag. So at Hindbag, we designed it in our own way in robust organic cotton and in two colors for more fun. Its large handle is adjustable to best fit your body and to carry it across the body or on the shoulder. It closes with a sliding link and has a small zipped pocket inside to keep your treasures.

Margault: the “crossbody” handbag to wear short or long

“Crossbody” is a flap handbag that can be worn on the shoulder in a short version or in a long version thanks to its adjustable handle for a look from the most chic to the most chill. His particuliarity ? It's a quilted shoulder bag ! For a unique fashion effect, always combined with our wide palette of trendy colors to best suit you. To reassure you about the security of your belongings, it closes with a magnetic button and has an interior pocket. Like all our crossbody handbags , it is made ethically and sustainably.

Romy: the trendy baguette bag

The baguette bag is back! A great classic from the 90s, it gets a makeover at Hindbag with this modern and very fashionable look. Worn short on the shoulder, it will match your outfit thanks to our multiple colors! Its hand-block-printed interior adds an even more original touch. And always in organic cotton guaranteed without GMOs or pesticides.

Rosa: the baguette handbag in its XL version

Rosa is Romy's big sister. An XL baguette bag to carry on the shoulder or across the body depending on your desires. It has an exterior pocket that makes it easy to use. This is our large shoulder bag from the collection.

We also offer other models of organic cotton bags

In addition to women's handbags, we offer a wide range of eco-responsible bags , such as fanny packs for backpackers, changing bags for young parents, tote bags for weekend addicts , backpacks for every day or duffel bags for athletes.

With Hindbag, benefit from fast delivery and customer service available before and after purchase.