Duffle bags: Practical and versatile for all your travel needs

Duffel bags are real travel companions, for weekends or sports activities. Their cylindrical shape and large storage capacity make them practical and functional options. 

The duffel bag takes its name from its cylindrical shape, reminiscent of a duffel or a pillow. It has a zipper allowing easy access to the inside of the bag.

In its early days, the duffel bag was primarily used by the military and sailors to carry their belongings while on the go. Its sturdy design and spacious capacity made it a practical choice for those frequent travelers. It was also used by athletes to transport their equipment.

Over time, the duffel bag has become popular with the general public due to its versatility and convenience. Travelers liked its ability to hold enough stuff for a short trip, while sports enthusiasts used it to carry their sportswear and accessories.

Hindbag duffel bags: The alliance of eco-responsibility and style

An eco-responsible duffel bag 

Hindbag is committed to using eco-responsible materials in the manufacture of its duffel bags. By opting for the Hindbag duffel bag, you contribute to the preservation of the environment. The brand's duffel bags are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, offering a sustainable and planet-friendly alternative. Our colors are carefully selected to respond to the trend but also and above all to last! They range from the most classic like black to the most modern like lilac. 

A duffel bag committed to the emancipation of women

By choosing a Hindbag duffel bag, you are also supporting a worthy cause. Hindbag works closely with an Indian NGO, thereby providing economic opportunities and contributing to the emancipation of women. Within the NGO, the women make textile accessories in exchange for a salary three times higher than the average Indian salary, training and a place in school for their children.

Every purchase of a Hindbag helps create a positive impact in the lives of these women and their children.

A practical and affordable duffel bag

Hindbag duffel bags are designed to meet your daily needs. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or planning a weekend getaway, these bags are suitable for all situations. In addition to being of high quality, they remain accessible at the price of 60€ and delivery is free. 

A bag for sports

If you are looking for a duffel bag for your sports activities, Hindbag has a range of bags specially designed to meet your needs. Discover our collection of sports bags on our site, with various options in size, color, pattern and functionality.

A bag for the weekend

For your weekend getaways, the Hindbag duffel bags are also perfect. Spacious and practical, they allow you to easily carry all your essentials for a short stay. Explore our collection of weekend bags on our site to find the one that matches your style and needs.

Our different shapes of duffel bags

Simon: the organic cotton duffel bag

Hindbag's Organic Cotton Duffel Bag is made from GOTS certified cotton canvas, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative. Its large storage capacity and elegant design make it an ideal choice for your travels and sports activities. Discover our collection of Simon duffel bags on our website and benefit from free delivery!

Mini Simon: the small duffel bag

If you are looking for a more compact version, the Mini Simon duffel bag is for you. Ideal for everyday use or for yoga or dance business, this small duffel bag combines practicality and style. Discover our collection of Mini Simon duffel bags on our website.

Discover our other bag models

Hindbag offers a wide range of bags to meet all your needs: weekend bag, diaper bag , travel bag, tote bag , sports bag, or evenbackpack , handbag , shoulder strap, computer bag and bag. banana . Explore our full collection on our site and find the bag that matches your style and your requirements!

By choosing Hindbag, you opt for eco-responsible bags , committed to the emancipation of women, and practical in their use. Discover our range of duffel bags on our site and make a choice that combines style, durability and social responsibility.