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The eco-responsibility of a product is always complicated to define because it depends on several factors such as: the material (organic, recycled, vegan, made in France, etc.), the way of designing the product (country of manufacture, salary, sustainability) or distribute it (choice of resellers, advertising, etc.)
A bag has several ways of being eco-responsible, and the different degrees of commitments will define its sustainable, responsible and ethical side.

Hindbag bags are eco-responsible and ethical

At Hindbag, we produce ethical and eco-responsible bags, even if everything is not perfect. For us, ethics lies above all in the way of responsible production: with an NGO which works for the emancipation of women, with which we associate ourselves with personalized support and above all a decent salary. For the “responsible” part therefore, we put a lot of resources into it and this is our trademark: we know who produces, how and with what salary. And we are going further in eco-responsibility, with the financing of schools.
For the “Eco” part, we work with organic cotton, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified. Also, we recycle our scraps, and some of our products are recycled or upcycled products (scrunchie, phone pouch, coin purse). Also, we do not use animal materials, and our bags are vegan. We also limit plastic as much as possible (present only for Augustin fanny packs). Finally, boat transport is largely favored and the 100% boat objective must be achieved quickly.
Eco-responsible bags or eco-responsible fanny packs: with us the meaning of the word is not overused and our eco-responsible items follow ever more demanding specifications in order to be ever more responsible, sustainable and ethical

Eco-responsible organic cotton bags

Our bags and backpacks are made from labeled organic cotton. Also, the Oeko Tex label confirms the eco-responsible approach that we wish to include at Hindbag.
Traceability and quality in the way our eco-responsible bags are manufactured are imperative if we want to follow an ethical and sustainable approach. We guarantee that the cotton is organic, that production stakeholders are paid a decent wage, and that the maximum is done to reduce the environmental impact of all our products (from shopping bags to fanny packs!).

Bags committed to women empowerment

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Hindbag eco-responsible bags are ethically produced. We work with an Indian NGO which works to emancipate women in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Delhi. The latter make organic cotton bags in exchange for a decent salary, training and a place at school for their children.
The work carried out by the NGO on the seams/finishing, coupled with the quality of organic cotton gives us a durable, solid and ethical product. We have sourced an organic cotton that is both very thick, therefore resistant, but also flexible so that your bag is an eco-responsible bag, which lasts over time and respects ethical criteria.

Our eco-responsible bags are also trendy and practical


We offer eco-responsible bags in all shapes:

The promise at Hindbag is to be able to find an ethical bag that suits your taste. Often, an eco-responsible bag rhymes with boredom and limited choice. With Hindbag, finding the eco-responsible bag that suits you is now easy: eco-responsible fanny pack, ethical backpack, organic cotton tote bag... we are a truly eco-responsible brand of varied products.

Fanny packs of all colors and shapes

Our collection of eco-responsible fanny packs comes in several colors (from black fanny pack to pink fanny pack) which are all designed sustainably: they are timeless. For us, eco-responsible bananas are organic cotton bananas, but also bananas that will go out of fashion and last over time.
Also, there are all shapes: the classic fanny pack, the large fanny pack, the fanny pack with pockets. These are eco-responsible and practical fanny packs!

Practical and versatile eco-responsible duffel bags

Our organic cotton duffel bags are also designed from the prism of eco-responsibility. Their strength due to thick organic cotton ensures great durability. Just as their shapes and colors make them a timeless eco-responsible bag.

Practical changing bags in all circumstances

Hindbag changing bags have been designed for the customer. Above all, it is practical for storing a bottle, diapers and everything baby needs. But not only that: we also designed it to have a double life and allow athletes to use it as a sports bag or weekend bag. The design also allows it to compete with classic fashion bags, to have style in all circumstances! This is also an eco-responsible bag.

Our eco-responsible bags are suitable for every moment:

Eco-responsibility also lies in the ability of a product to adapt to several situations: if a bag can replace several, then it is an eco-responsible bag.

Bags suitable for sports

At Hindbag, several bags can fulfill the function of sports bag : the Lucien bag for those who prefer to go hands-free and go to sports by bike, the Charlie bag for those looking for practicality, and finally the Simon duffel bag for the classics ! They are sporty but above all eco-responsible, durable and made from organic cotton.

Eco-responsible bags for going on a weekend

In the same way that several weekend bags are hidden in the collection: The Jean: classic weekend bag, the Cesar tote bag : compact weekend bag, the Charlie vintage weekend bag, or the Simon duffel bag, practical in all circumstances . An eco-responsible weekend starts with an eco-responsible weekend bag!

Bags to be eco-responsible on a daily basis

Hindbag also offers a wide choice of eco-responsible bag models for all occasions. With products such as the everyday fanny pack, the computer bag for work, the shopping bag for shopping, the handbag for your outings, the duffel bag for sports...We want to make the bag eco-friendly. responsible accessible to everyone and everywhere
Also, benefit from fast delivery and customer service available before and after purchase.