Ava, the Hindbag computer case

In a world increasingly aware of environmental issues, choosing ethical and planet-friendly products is becoming a priority for many consumers. It is with this in mind that Hindbag presents Ava, its range of computer covers, designed from environmentally friendly materials. Highlighting ethical values, these covers combine strength, style, and commitment to our planet. We have also chosen to offer it to you at an affordable price that respects all those involved in its creation.

Covers made from environmentally friendly materials

Ava, the Hindbag computer case, stands out for its eco-responsible manufacturing. Made from eco-friendly materials, these covers reflect the brand's commitment to sustainability with our GOTS-labeled organic cotton. The label guarantees at least 70% organic fibers without pesticides and GMOs, with a formal ban on child labor and lower water and energy consumption. Our denim computer covers are made from GOTS-certified organic denim, while our wool computer covers are made from GRS-certified recycled wool.

Ethical computer covers

Hindbag strives to create ethical products, and the Ava range is the perfect illustration of this. By choosing Ava, customers help promote more responsible consumption. The brand is committed to adopting ethical practices throughout the production process. All our products are made within an NGO which works to emancipate women by training them in sewing and paying them fairly.

All our covers are solid, colorful and elegant

Ava offers much more than ordinary covers. Each model is designed to combine solidity, aesthetics, and elegance. Whether you're looking for a simple black sleeve for your business computer or a colorful sleeve to express your personal style, the Ava collection offers a variety of options to satisfy every taste.

Protective computer sleeves

Protecting your computer is our priority. Ava covers are designed to provide optimal protection against impacts, scratches and external elements. In fact, the inside of our computer bags is covered with protective foam. Whether you carry your computer in your bag every day or are on the go, the Ava sleeve guarantees reliable protection, ensuring the durability of your precious device. After High One you can therefore add Hindbag to your list of computer case brands.

Sleeves for all computer sizes

No matter the size of your computer, Ava has the solution. Available for different computer sizes, our covers adapt perfectly to your needs. Our computer cases are available in two different sizes. The first, size S is compatible with 13-inch laptops. Our second model, size M, corresponds to 15-inch laptops. You can therefore have a 13 or 15 inch MacBook, the diversity of our collection guarantees a cover adapted to each user. The cover is perfect to fit into a shoulder bag, a tote bag or a laptop bag.

Colorful and patterned covers

Add a splash of color to your life with our colorful and patterned slipcovers. You are a pop color lover, here is the pink computer cover or you are more team sixties, we have the houndstooth pattern computer cover . Ava offers a variety of styles to match your personality. Express yourself through your choice of cover, while benefiting from optimal protection for your computer.

Our other models of eco-responsible accessories:

In addition to our collection of covers, Hindbag offers an extensive range of eco-responsible accessories . Discover our bucket hats , scrunchies , pouches , vanity cases and toiletry bags designed with the same philosophy of sustainability. Each product embodies our commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle, providing our customers with an ethical alternative in all aspects of their daily lives. We guarantee fast and free delivery from 50€ of purchase.