A school project

The origin of the project

Although the Hindbag company was created in 2015 , it was in 2012 that the story began. Originally: a student project led by Pierre Monnier, the founder of the brand. As part of his business school studies, he collaborated with the NGO SSMI, based in Delhi, to design tote bags for corporate communication needs. The objective is to allow the NGO to no longer depend on donations thanks to regular income…

the heart of the project

The NGO SSMI: ethical Indian production

For more than 70 years , the NGO SSMI has been fighting for the emancipation of women from disadvantaged neighborhoods of Delhi. The women are initially trained in sewing in fair working conditions adapted to their situation. Once trained, they work on making textiles in the NGO's workshops. These are not donations from Hindbag, but rather a long-term and exclusive partnership with a GOTS-certified sewing workshop ...

responsible design

100% eco-responsible and labeled MATERIALS

All materials used by Hindbag are 100% eco-responsible and certified. A large majority is made from 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified. The label guarantees at least 95% organic fibers without pesticides and GMOs, with a formal ban on child labor and lower water and energy consumption...



From Delhi, the products are sent mainly by boat to arrive in the south of France at our logistician Boost who works for social reintegration. Hindbag bags are stored there and then shipped to your home. Boost works on social reintegration by recruiting young people from priority neighborhoods. They are also committed to the environment with eco-responsible packaging and warehouses with a reduced carbon footprint.

education of children in india

GOOD NEWS 2024 + 1100 children in school

Thanks to the growth of Hindbag in 2023, the NGO SSMI has raised sufficient funds to finance the construction of a new building within its school. This building will increase the school's capacity, going from 750 students in 2023 to 1,100 in 2024.

We answer all your questions
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