Harry, the rectangular fanny pack from Hindbag

Harry is the fanny pack that looks nothing like a fanny pack.

The ecological and ethical rectangular banana

At Hindbag, respect for the environment and people is at the heart of the design of each of our bags and accessories. That's why our fabric fanny pack is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Every aspect of its design is designed to reduce resource consumption and encourage sustainability. Its 100% organic thick cotton fabric is GOTS certified. This renowned label guarantees that the fabrics contain at least 95% organic fibers, excluding the use of pesticides and GMOs. Additionally, it prohibits child labor and encourages reduced water and energy consumption. In addition to its eco-responsible materials, our rectangular fanny pack was also produced with respect for people for a positive impact on women's empowerment in India. Since the creation of the brand, we have collaborated with Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI), an Indian NGO which works to emancipate women in an underprivileged neighborhood of Delhi. These women make our bags in exchange for a salary three times higher than the average Indian salary, training and a place at school for their children. The NGO is also GOTS certified, which guarantees its commitment to optimal working conditions and energy consumption with a lower impact.

The minimalist and chic banana

To combine commitments and trends, we work daily on original and current designs that will last over time. Whether for your chic evenings or simply carrying your essentials in a less bulky bag, the Harry fanny pack is suitable for all occasions. Its Nordic design gives it a very fashionable chic minimalist appearance.

The unisex rectangular fanny pack

For women or men, the Harry crossbody fanny pack has the characteristic of being quite unisex. Based on the opinions and feedback collected from our women and men customers on our shoulder bags, discover our different fanny pack collections for women and fanny pack collections for men .

We offer fanny packs in different sizes and shapes:

Looking for a different style of fanny pack? Find your ideal fanny pack among our collection of products also available in the Hindbag store: our best seller the Olivia cotton fanny pack to store your essentials in a classic vintage style (price: €36), the quilted fanny pack for a winter version with an elegant patterned lining (price: €42), the XL fanny pack Sofia for an xxl bag with maximum capacity and 2 exterior pockets (price: €48), the large fanny pack L Sasha offering a sufficiently large capacity and 2 exterior and interior pockets (price: €45), or the child fanny pack Augustin with a clip for the little ones (price: €32).

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