Christmas is fast approaching, it's time to do your gift shopping. This year, why not opt ​​for eco-responsible gifts and support an industry with a positive impact on the future of our planet? At Hindbag, a French brand of eco-responsible bags and accessories, we offer you a selection of gift ideas that are trendy, at a fair price and respectful of people and the environment.

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Gift idea 1: The Olivia fanny pack for your sister or sister-in-law

Olivia is our best-selling banana, it's sure to please! It’s the ethical and trendy gift at an affordable price. With its very thick and solid organic cotton, it will carry your sister or sister-in-law's essentials in style.

Gift idea 2: The Simon weekend bag for your sweetheart

Simon is the ideal duffel bag for weekends or sports. With its interior pocket and its large capacity, it is a beautiful, useful and committed gift.

Gift idea 3: The Sofia banana for your brother or brother-in-law

Sofia is the eco-responsible fanny pack for serious wanderers. Thanks to its two exterior pockets, it is very popular with men looking for new adventures.

Gift idea 4: The Augustin mini banana for children

Augustin is the mini fanny pack for children. With its thick organic cotton and its super practical clip, children love hiding their most precious treasures.

Gift idea 5: The Jean weekend tote for your parents

Jean is the chic and practical weekend tote. Fir-colored for Dad and Navy for Mom, you can spoil your parents for their weekend getaway. If you want to make a mark, you can even take the Léon toiletry bag that matches the travel bag.

Gift idea 6: The Charlie diaper bag for the future mom or dad

Gift idea 7: The Eliot backpack for your hiking aunt

Gift idea 8: The Paul tote bag for your cousin who is still a student

Gift idea 9: The Alba tote bag for your grandmother

Gift idea 10: The Romy baguette bag for your teenage cousin

Little tip from Hindbag, if you are looking to make a splash at Christmas by making a gift that is both common to the whole family and personalized, you can opt for the fanny pack. Thanks to our wide choice of eco-responsible fanny packs, you can choose the model that best suits each member of the family while offering a joint gift that will please.

Looking for other inexpensive eco-responsible gift ideas from various committed brands? Discover our blog Eco-responsible Christmas gift ideas for less than €50 .

Need to know more about eco-responsible gifts and their various positive impacts at Christmas? We tell you more on the subject:

What is an eco-responsible gift?

An eco-responsible gift is a gift that has been designed with respect for people and with a lower environmental impact. Different commitments can be made depending on the brands and products.

A gift good for the planet and for people

Before buying a gift, it is important to take a look at its production system and the materials used to make the products. Advanced commitments can also be accompanied by labels that certify them. It is important to pay particular attention to certifications which may be more or less demanding.

At Hindbag, we strive to offer bags and accessories that meet demanding criteria on environmental and social impact. We collaborate with Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI), an Indian NGO which works to emancipate women in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Delhi. These women make textile accessories in exchange for a salary above the country average, which values ​​their skills, continuing training and a place at school for their children. The production workshops are also GOTS certified to guarantee compliance with working conditions and lower energy consumption. Beyond our social commitment, we use 100% eco-responsible materials with GOTS-certified organic cotton and GRS-certified recycled wool.

A responsibly wrapped gift

To follow through with your initiative to offer an eco-friendly gift, it is also essential to rethink the packaging of your Christmas gifts. In France, there are around 20,000 tonnes of gift wrap consumed each year during the Christmas period. With a view to zero waste consumption, different alternatives to disposable packaging exist.

At Hindbag, we suggest changing our bad habits and opting for zero waste. This is why we do not offer any disposable packaging on our website or store. It is possible to present your gift at the foot of the tree in a small reusable pouch or totebag. In addition, our reusable gift packaging was designed from fabric scraps that no longer had any use. This therefore also helps reduce the waste produced by our production workshops. Beyond preserving the environment, this type of packaging is more chic and elegant. You can slip our fanny pack into a pouch or tote bag which can be reused for the next Christmas.

A gift that will delight its recipient

An eco-friendly gift doesn't compromise on quality or style. On the contrary, it can be just as attractive, and its positive side for the environment and people gives it sentimental value.

At Hindbag, our products are carefully designed to combine utility, aesthetics and durability. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, a member of your family or for yourself, you have a wide choice of bags and colors available that will allow you to delight the recipient.

Why is it interesting to give eco-responsible gifts at Christmas?

Raise awareness among the whole family

Christmas is the ideal time to raise awareness among the whole family about the importance of protecting the environment. By offering eco-responsible gifts, you set an example and encourage your loved ones to think about their own consumption choices. This can be the start of a meaningful discussion about current environmental issues and how everyone can contribute to a more sustainable future. Thanks to our wide variety of bags and accessories, you can find a gift for each member of your family. This ranges from the trendy Harry fanny pack for your cousin, the Jean weekend bag for your mother or even the Léon toiletry bag for your sister-in-law.

Reduce the environmental impact of Christmas

Yet another reason to opt for an eco-responsible gift is the overall reduction in the environmental impact of the end-of-year holidays. Indeed, Christmas festivities are often synonymous with overconsumption and waste. Thousands of tonnes of waste are generated every year from gift wrapping, plastic decorations and unsustainable gifts. By opting for ethical gifts, you help reduce this environmental impact while celebrating the season in a meaningful way with an eco-responsible Christmas.

Supporting businesses with a positive impact

By choosing eco-responsible gifts, you support companies that strive to make a positive difference in the world. At Hindbag, we are proud to be part of this movement by offering quality products that respect the planet and the human beings who make them.

Encourage ecological awareness

Giving eco-responsible gifts is much more than simply giving an object. It is a gesture that conveys a message of commitment to environmental protection. By choosing gifts that reflect your ecological values, you encourage those around you to think about their own consumption choices and adopt more sustainable behaviors.

Now that we've explored why it's a good idea to choose eco-friendly gifts this Christmas, let's review our top 10 gift ideas from Hindbag.

October 16, 2023