Want to get back into sport or looking for new, more elegant technical accessories? Whether you are still an amateur or an experienced sportsman, Hindbag offers a wide collection of sports bags adapted to everyone's needs. From running to yoga, our different models, both practical and elegant, will make you want to play sports.

The fanny pack for trail running


XL Sofia fanny pack - €48

Available in 16 different colors.

Perfect for trails or mountain walks, our Sofia fanny pack is our large, super practical fanny pack model for sportsmen and adventurers. Its front and back zipped pockets will allow you to store your essentials safely. Thanks to its large capacity, you can have your bottle within reach to always stay hydrated. In GOTS-certified organic cotton, our fanny pack has been designed to withstand all your walks in the forest or skiing, while respecting the environment.

The duffel bag for the gym


Simon duffel bag - €65

Available in 12 different colors - free delivery for this model.

With a large capacity, the Simon duffel bag will allow you to carry all your essentials (sports shoes, towel, change of clothes, water bottle, etc.) to get to the gym. You can also store your most precious belongings in its small zipped pocket to have them close at hand. It's not just your fitness outfit that can make you look good, the trendy format and intense colors of our Simon duffel model will add style to your sports outfits. Little extra, its patterned lining which gives it a touch of elegance.

Hindbag shares with you its current gym tip! The Keepcool gym currently offers an offer starting at €9.90/month . Keepcool has more than 270 clubs throughout France, with coaches present to support you. Find cardio, strengthening or stretching areas, and hundreds of video and group classes in small groups. For those who are still hesitant, the first trial session is free, so no more excuses!

The bowling bag for indoor sports


Charlie bowling bag - €62

Available in 17 different colors - free delivery for this model.

Are you more of a team sport? Hindbag has what you need. Charlie is the ideal sports bag for football, handball, basketball or even tennis. Thanks to its flat bottom you can easily slip your gym shoes into it. Its large interior pockets will allow you to keep your water bottle and spare clothes away. Thanks to its adjustable handle, you can carry your sports bag over your shoulder to keep your hands free on your bike or on public transport.

The Jean tote bag for yoga


Jean tote bag - €68

Available in 13 different colors - free delivery for this model.

Our Jean tote model is already a hit among yoga and pilates fans. Black, pink or even sage green, our different colors bring an original and trendy touch to the classic shopping bag. Its small interior pocket will allow you to store your essentials to have close at hand. Thanks to its large opening with zipper, you can slide your yoga mat in without it risking escape. Fashion tip: match your sports mat to your shopping bag.

The mini duffel bag for dancing or swimming


Mini Simon duffel bag - €49

Available in 12 different colors.

Quite compact, the small duffel bag is ideal for carrying your space-saving sports accessories. Whether for the pool or dancing, you can easily carry your essentials thanks to its adjustable handle. Its small interior zipped pocket is perfect for storing your jewelry safely during your sports session.

The backpack for hiking


Eliot backpack - €70

Available in 12 different colors - free delivery for this model.

For men or women, our unisex Eliot model is the super practical backpack for going on a day hike in the mountains or in the countryside. In its two side pockets, you can slip all your essentials within easy reach, such as your water bottle or your IGN card. The small zipped front pocket will allow you to store your most precious belongings so as not to lose them. Thanks to its thick organic cotton, it resists light rain. In addition, its integrated foam in the back guarantees you essential comfort for long walks. Finally, its original style and intense colors will overshadow other old-fashioned technical backpacks that you come across.

October 30, 2023