Alix, the eco-responsible, ethical and practical XL toiletry bag from Hindbag

Traveling while respecting the planet is possible, Hindbag toiletry bags are proof. Designed in an ethical production chain with eco-responsible materials, this XL toiletry bag has been designed to combine practicality, quality and environmental commitments. Our XL toiletry bag is perfect as a men's or women's toiletry bag .

An environmentally friendly XL toiletry bag

The Alix toiletry bag goes beyond just being a stylish travel accessory; it also embodies Hindbag's commitment to reducing the fashion industry's ecological footprint. At Hindbag, respect for the environment guides every step of the design of our bags and accessories. That's why the Alix toiletry bag is made from sustainable and planet-friendly materials. Every detail of its design is carefully considered to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability. Its 100% organic thick cotton fabric is GOTS certified, guaranteeing that the fibers used are 95% organic, thus excluding the use of pesticides and GMOs. Additionally, this renowned label prohibits child labor and encourages reduced use of water and energy. By choosing a Hindbag toiletry bag, you are choosing a premium quality product that preserves the environment and promotes ethical manufacturing practices. In addition, its thick cotton, lined with a patterned fabric, provides effective protection against possible product spills in your suitcase.

An XL toiletry bag committed to the emancipation of women

In addition to its eco-friendly materials, this toiletry bag also embodies our commitment to respecting human rights and empowering women in India. Since our inception, we have been collaborating with the Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI), a Delhi-based NGO working towards the empowerment of women in deprived areas. These women make our travel bags and toiletry bags, benefiting from wages three times the national average, as well as job training and educational opportunities for their children. As a GOTS certified organization, the NGO guarantees fair working conditions and responsible use of energy resources.

A complete and multi-use toiletry bag

Alix represents the ideal toiletry bag for extended trips, offering a practical XL format. Designed with two magnetic pencil cases that connect together, it offers optimal organization. The main case, with a wide opening and generous height, is specially designed for vertical transport of bottles. Its interior net allows you to group small objects such as cotton balls and bandages. The second bag allows you to separate fragile items, such as makeup, or sharp objects, such as razors and scissors, ensuring maximum protection for your personal belongings while you travel.

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