Hindbag bags and accessories are eco-responsible and ethical

At Hindbag, we believe in an eco-responsible and ethical approach to fashion. That's why all of our bags and accessories are designed with a vision focused on sustainability and social responsibility. Our store offers 100% organic cotton products, labeled GOTS. In addition, the brand collaborates with Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI), an Indian NGO which works to emancipate women in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Delhi. These women make textile accessories in exchange for a salary three times higher than the average Indian salary, training and a place at school for their children.

All our back-to-school accessories are made from eco-responsible organic cotton

One of our priorities is to reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible. Our fabrics are 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified. The label guarantees at least 95% organic fibers without pesticides and GMOs, with a formal ban on child labor and lower water and energy consumption. This approach allows us to offer environmentally friendly products, while maintaining high quality.

Our accessories are also used for workers

We are proud to also promote fair and safe working conditions for the people who help create our accessories. By ensuring our products are made in responsible environments, we support the rights and well-being of workers, ensuring that every accessory you purchase contributes to a positive cause. Our partner NGO is also GOTS certified. The label guarantees us fair working conditions and workshops with a lower environmental impact.

Our eco-responsible accessories are adapted to your needs

Discover our range of eco-responsible bags and accessories that are designed to meet your back-to-school needs for going to work or class.

Eco-responsible fashion accessories:

Colorful and practical pouches and purses

To help you organize your bag, we have designed different ethical, eco-responsible accessories that will become your everyday favorites. Each piece is carefully designed to meet your demands for quality and durability, while adding a pop of color to your life. To store all your more fragile and precious essentials to keep aside in your handbag, we have two sizes of colorful pouches on sale to discover in our collection pouch , for a pouch price of €18 to €20. For your identity card, small coins and bank card, we have redesigned the usual wallet of your childhood, at the unit price of €16. No sale price, at Hindbag we have decided to reduce our margins to offer you products at affordable prices all year round while maintaining the quality and salaries of our suppliers. With a zero waste approach, our smallest products are made from fabric scraps from our largest bags. This also allows us to guarantee thick and durable cottons even for the cheapest accessories.

Eco-responsible accessories for your computers and laptops:

Protect your electronic devices with computer cover And portable cover ethical eco-responsibles. Between computer protection and a pouch bag to carry the phone, we offer you a selection of committed fashion accessories to make your everyday essentials chic and without negative impact.

At Hindbag, we believe that fashion can be both beautiful and responsible. Explore our range of eco-responsible bags and accessories for your return to work or university. Match your storage pouch to your shopping bag to gain confidence and always stay organized at the office.

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