Lucien, the practical backpack from Hindbag

Lucien, Hindbag's versatile backpack, is a timeless bag designed to follow you everywhere, in all circumstances. Our range of backpacks reflects our commitment to durability, functionality and style. Our unisex backpack fits everyone, whether you are a woman, a man, or a teenager. It's up to you to decide which color suits you best!

An ethical backpack

Lucien, like all our models, is made in India by the NGO SSMI, which is committed to the emancipation of women. They are paid 3 times more than the average salary in India and we pay for their children's education.

A colorful organic cotton backpack

The thick cotton used to make Lucien gives it exceptional resistance. It is a GOTS labeled organic cotton. Available in a variety of bright and bold colors like our electric blue, it adds a touch of pep to all your outfits. You prefer to stay sober and focus on timeless, choose our black backpack .

A backpack for your daily life

Our Lucien backpack is the ideal companion for a busy day. Whether you use it as a school bag, laptop bag or cabin travel backpack, Lucien is ready to accompany you in all your activities. Its spacious compartments and multiple pockets allow you to keep your belongings organized in all circumstances. In addition, it offers a pocket for a laptop up to 15 inches, it is a PC backpack.

Discover our different models of eco-responsible bags:

In addition to Lucien, our collection includes a variety of eco-responsible bag models to meet all your needs. From a practical fanny pack to a spacious tote bag , a stylish handbag and a versatile duffel bag , we have everything you need to complete your look. Our laptop bags are designed to protect your device while adding a touch of style to your outfit. With our new bag collection, we've pushed the boundaries of style and sustainability. Order now and benefit from free delivery on orders over €50.