At the start of 2023, we wanted to thank you for this wonderful year we spent with you and share with you the good news for 2022 and those to come for 2023!

For those who do not know yet, since our beginnings we have been collaborating with the Indian NGO SSMI (Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute) which fights for the emancipation of women in a disadvantaged district of Delhi. All our bags and accessories are made by the women of the NGO. In addition to a salary 3 times higher than the local salary, the women of the NGO receive quality training and a place in school for their children.

The 3 good news from the NGO:

150 women reintegrated - Ethical production by the NGO SSMI

Since the creation of the Hindbag brand, 100 women have been recruited and trained in the NGO. In 2023, thanks to our growth, 50 additional women will join our workshop to learn a trade and emancipate themselves.

School - Ethical manufacturing by the NGO SSMI

In 2022, the school within the NGO, which until then had 400 students, was enlarged. A new building was built, and there are now 750 children who go to school every day.

GOTS label - Ethical manufacturing by the NGO SSMI

All our bags are made of organic cotton labeled GOTS. In 2022, we decided to extend this certification to the NGO, thus guaranteeing responsible manufacturing beyond the fabric. The GOTS label notably certifies production and processing processes that respect the environment with optimal working conditions for employees.

A big thank you to all our most loyal customers without whom all this would not be possible!

January 04, 2023