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Augustin: the Hindbag fanny pack for children

Fanny packs have become essential fashion accessories, and it's no longer just adults who love them. Children also want to be at the forefront of trends and have a practical and attractive bag. This is where Augustin comes in, the Hindbag banana specially designed for the youngest.

A fanny pack suitable for children

Augustin is the little brother of Olivia, our cotton fanny pack for adults. Augustin is the ideal companion for active and adventurous children. Carefully designed, this fanny pack is perfectly adapted to children's body shape, offering optimal comfort when traveling. The adjustable strap and clip fastener allow children to easily wear it around the waist or across the body, depending on their preferences.

A colorful fanny pack for children

The Augustin children's fanny pack is not only practical, it is also very aesthetic. Available in a variety of bright and attractive colors, it will appeal to children's tastes. Whether in blush pink , electric blue, olive green or sober black , every child will be able to find the fanny pack that suits them best.

A children's fanny pack committed to a better world

Augustin is not content to be a simple fashion accessory for children, he is also committed to a better world. Hindbag, the brand behind Augustin, places great importance on sustainability and ethics. The small bag is made by the NGO SSMI which fights for the emancipation of women and the education of children in India. 

A children's fanny pack that respects our planet

The environment is a major concern of our time, and it is important to teach children from a young age the importance of caring for our planet. With Augustin, parents can set an example by offering their children a fanny pack that respects humans and the environment. The fanny pack is made from high quality GOTS certified organic cotton, which contributes to reducing the ecological footprint.

A children's fanny pack that respects workers

Ethics is a fundamental value for Hindbag. In addition to preserving the environment, the brand ensures that the working conditions of the workers who make the bags are fair and equitable. By purchasing Augustin, you support a company that cares about the well-being of its workers and encourages responsible production practices.

At a low price, Augustin is much more than a simple fanny pack for children. It offers style, functionality and commitment to a better world. Give your child the opportunity to stand out with this colorful fanny pack. By purchasing an Olivia banana and an Augustin you benefit from free delivery!