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A must-have in every wardrobe, the tote bag is the ultimate essential accessory! In cotton or leather, the tote bag is available in all materials and all shapes. For women, the tote bag will be available as a shopping bag or a computer bag for the vertical tote. For men, a black tote bag can be a useful and practical tote.

It is also available in several designs: minimalist in recycled material, shopping format in cotton, vertical and designed for work with a computer pocket or even simple without zip to make a beach bag with a large container.

You'll find them at all prices, and with a little luck, cotton tote bags are often on sale!

Hindbag tote bags

Hindbag cultivates a real history with the tote bag, especially the women's tote bag! Indeed, it is the first product in our cotton collection: we wanted it at a fair price, in 100% organic cotton material and perfect as a weekend bag, shopping bag or beach bag.

Since then, we have released several tote bags for women and men, at different prices.

More professional with the Paul vertical tote, very beachy for the large Claude tote, and just practical for all uses for the Jean tote.

In any case, at Hindbag, you will always find your shopping bag: black or colored, in several sizes available, with a real choice of color and at affordable prices!

Eco-responsible organic cotton shopping bags

All our tote bags (and others) are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. This allows better traceability and ensures quality in the way cotton fabrics are manufactured. In particular, we guarantee the organic origin of cotton, respect for production stakeholders and environmentally friendly processing.

With this, we ensure impeccable quality to our cotton shopping bags

Shopping bags committed to women empowerment

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Hindbag shopping bags are ethically produced. The brand works with an Indian NGO which works to emancipate women in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Delhi. These women make the cotton bags in exchange for a salary three times higher than the average Indian salary, training and a place at school for their children.

Practical tote bag models suitable for every moment:

At Hindbag, we want everyone to find what they're looking for (and therefore their shopping bag!). Whether you are a woman, a man, whether you prefer a black tote bag or a colorful tote bag, whether you are going shopping or working, we have the right tote bag for you:

Jean: the ideal large tote bag for a weekend

Jean is the ultimate tote bag. Complete and with a zip, it will accompany you for your weekends or as a 24-hour bag. Its large size and interior pockets will make it a tote bag. This canvas tote bag, which is available in several colors, is often used by women, particularly as a shopping bag. Despite its size, robustness and design, the Jean weekend bag remains at an affordable price.

Claude: the ideal tote bag for the market or the beach

Claude is the minimalist tote bag. We wanted it to be as simple as possible so that we could put as much into it as possible. It's the lightweight summer tote, for the beach or to go to the market. Perfect as a shopping bag, its wide opening and small pocket will allow you to put as many things as possible. It's a bit of a large, practical shopping tote bag, which we use occasionally.

Paul: the vertical tote bag style

Paul is the shopping bag for tote bag purists! Ideal for going to work, because it was specially designed as a computer bag. We have taken the codes of the classic tote bag, to make it a practical and effective bag for going to work in style.

César: the compact and elegant everyday tote bag

César is the little brother of the denim tote bag. It is therefore ideal for a day, like a large handbag. It's a small women's tote bag ideal for the day, compact and not too heavy, but large enough to hold the essentials.

Louise: the mini tote bag in which to slip everything

The Louise is the mini and fashionable version of the tote bag. We would easily confuse it with a handbag, but it has the practical features of a tote bag: large capacity, interior pocket and snap closure. It is for tote bag purists, and women love using it as a substitute for a handbag. It is the mini tote bag of the collection!

We also offer other models of organic cotton bags:

Beyond tote bags, Hindbag also offers a wide choice of eco-responsible bag models for all occasions. With products such as the fanny pack for everyday use, the computer bag for work, the backpack for bike rides, the handbag for your outings, the duffel bag for sports...

With Hindbag, benefit from fast delivery and customer service available before and after purchase.